Levels of Cover


The following levels of service cover cars, car based vans and motorbikes. Roadside Assistance provides roadside assistance and recovery to a maximum of 10 miles. Roadside Plus offers roadside assistance and recovery to the nearest garage within a 20 mile radius. Roadside Plus Home, offers Roadside Plus, with the addition of service at home. The Autohome UK Plus service covers you for any breakdown or accident away from home. If you wish to add the At Home cover, chose the Homeplus. Superplus is for those drivers who require the extras such as Car Hire and Medical Recovery. UK Plus Personal is for the member who requires cover when driving other vehicles. Europlus is intended for motorists travelling regularly to Europe. For less frequent use, Autohome Continental covers you for the time you are actually away from one day to three months.

Single Membership - Covers the members car for any driver.

Joint Membership - Covers the members car and one other vehicle at the same address.

Family Membership - Covers up to 4 vehicles used by members of the family living at the same address.

From £32.90
From £46.50
From £74.10
Roadside Assistance
Recovery for Breakdown
max 10 miles
max 20 miles
max 20 miles
Recovery for Accident, Theft, Vandalism
max 10 miles
max 20 miles
max 20 miles
Routes & Motoring Advice
Advice on Stolen & Lost car Keys
Message Handling
Relief Driver      
Hotel Overnight          
Home Assistance        
Car Hire            
Alternative Travel            
Medical Recovery          
Key Recovery            
European Recovery              
Personal Cover         optional* optional* optional* optional*
*Personal cover is only applicable to items covered by UK Plus Membership